Thursday, January 29, 2015

That's what I'm Talking About

Wool Cape (thrifted)
Handmade Wool Sweater (thrifted)
Gap Denim Shirt (thrifted)
Free People Skirt
Fleece Lined Leggings
Dublin Leather Boots (gift)
Spell Designs Dreamweaver Bag (ebay)

And here I was thinking I couldn't think of any other ways to wear this skirt.  Rather than wear it with black pants, I wore it with a black skirt and leggings.

Ev was really sweet and took these pictures for me, usually I just use the tripod but man, that's not much fun in the cold.  However, I might need to work on my communication.  I asked for a booty shot, thinking "boots" and he was all
Yeah, it's that kinda blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

But They're Cute!


Free People Hat and Necklace
BCBG Coat (consignment)
LLBean Sweater (thifted)
Current/Elliot Leather Pants (ebay)
Rampage Boots
Pendelton Bag

For as light of a winter as we've been having this year, I sure am working the mittens into a lot of outfits.  It could be that I'm finally sick of freezing my fingers off for pictures or mittens are suddenly super fashionable!

It could happen.  Just look at Sorrels.  They're "eh" winter boots, they get sopping wet in just a little bit of slush, they're not warm enough for anything colder than -25 below and those liners are the biggest pain.  You have to pull them out put them in front of the fire every time you wear them because, aforementioned not being very water resistant, and the liners warp and are awful to shove back in.    I know, I have alllll the feelings about Sorrels.  I wore them for years and years when we lived in Seward and once I discovered Boggs and bunny boots, there was no going back.  (Sorrels are cute, I'll give them that - it's probably the only reason they're considered fashionable winter boots.)  My Boggs boots are finally starting to die, the dog chewed off one of the pull on handle and there's tiny holes, making them not so water proof. (I found that out this summer when we were pumping out the horse paddock.  I was the lucky one who had to anchor down the end of the hose in the paddock and let me tell you, there was quite a few "nuggets" floating around.  It's a good thing I like horses or that might have been gross.)

Anyways, I need to buy new boots.  I've been looking at a few different brands, mostly Muck Boots which re similar to Bogs and Stegers which are ADOREABLE.  The Stegers all of a sudden got quite popular here in Fairbanks and they are just so stinkin' cute I want them.  However, I think I'm just going to buy another pair of Bogs.  They're hands down the best boots I've ever had, somehow my feet stay warm with only one pair of socks in -50 below(even though there's no liners for the boots) they work for every season as I've work them to muck out paddocks in the middle of summer and they are soooo comfortable.  I don't know what it is about Bogs but they just mold to fit your foot, they have fabulous ankle support and the pads are so cushy.  It's like, why mess with perfection?  They may only be "Alaskan" cute but they're more practical than the Stegers.  sigh. -   I have the farm boots and they're perfect, they're about $130 but I've found them at both Fred Meyers and Sportsmens for far cheaper.  

 Steger -  I have no experience with these boots but everyone keeps telling me how awesome these boots are. (And they're cute!)  They're more at $170 and they're not as all weather as the Bogs.
*These are not affiliate links, I just like talking about boots. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deep Freeze

Ice fog over the North Pole Area

Fred Meyer Scarf, Hat and Mitten
Gap Jacket (thrifted)
Anthroplogie Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Banana Republic Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters High Rise Jeans
Dublin Leather Boots (gift)
Spell Designs Dreamweaver Bag (ebay)

I got up yesterday to start the beast so I could run the kids down to the bus stop and glanced outside at the thermometer.  Ooooh, a balmy -48 below zero, how fun!   The worst part is, I was driving down the road and waaay up ahead I could see bus lights gleaming through the thick ice fog.'s still early, must be the trick bus...SHIT!  It's the real bus! 
The bus ended up being early for the first time since never !  Almost -50 below and he's early!  So much wrong with the picture. 

The kids ended up making it on the bus and that's the end of my exciting story.  (I know, I really had everyone on the edge of their seats with that one.)  The only thing I can thick of to contribute to that is when I picked up Izzy, no one apparently felt like coats were a "thing."  Her class releases outside, even in the below zero temps and the parent usually hang around outside waiting.  Well, today only a few of us had on light coats, one person had a puffer coat and three grandmas wore open knit cardigans.  Boots were apparently a no-no as everyone had on sneakers.

It had warmed up to only -44 below by that point so I guess it makes sense.    I was so over dressed for the occasion.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Free People Hat (gift)
Silk Scarf, Leather Belt and Herman Kay Coat (thrifted)
Free People Dress
Carlos Boots
Cloebella Bag

I know, me and the hats.  It's getting so it doesn't feel like an outfit unless it's got a hat.

Man, has it been moosey around here lately.  We went for a few weeks of seeng no moose and over the past week there's been three little cows hanging around, we see them at least once everyday.  This whole area around the back fence line was covered with moose tracks.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Change Of Pace

Urban Outfitters Hat
Gap Jacket (thrifted)
Free People Dress (ebay)
Spell Designs Dreamweaver Bag (ebay)
Jeffery Campbell Heels (ebay)

And it's red tights.

Who am I??

I feel like I got pretty stagnate with just wearing black tights all of the time, sure it's the most flattering but it's also pretty boring every time, all off the time.  This is the only pair of colorful tights left in my drawer, I wore them quite a bit a few winters ago and then felt like I just grew out of them.  I'm trying to be a little more interesting though, so red tights it is!  So brave, very style.  

It is interesting to see what I wore a few years ago compare to today, a lot of the stuff I wore then feel pretty juvenile now and my style has changed in a lot of ways.  It kinda makes me worried about buying too nice of items though, what if my style or what I like changes?   I don't think I'll stop like black jeans but hey, it wasn't that long ago I was all about jeans in every color of the rainbow.   Looking back that was because I was influenced by what was popular and it was hard to distinguish between what I really liked and seeing stuff everywhere that made me think I like it.  I'd liked to think I'm past that now and am dressing genuinely how I like but the whole bohemian/western/hipster thing is also pretty popular right now.  What if my mind thinks I like it just because I'm seeing it on others?  It can be hard sometimes to step back and see that. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holy Slick Roads Batman!

Urban Outfitters Hat
BCBG Coat (consignment)
Winter Kate Kimono (ebay)
Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee
James Jeans (thrifted)
Cleobella Bag
Ecote Boots

The roads have ben pretty awful for the [past two days, we've had such an easy winter with so little ice that it's ben easy going.  It frosted over pretty badly the other night though and it's been scary every time I've ventured out on them.   Going to work I just missed getting hit by a driver who'd lost control on a corner, he started spinning and crossed over into the ditch right in front of me.  I managed to dodge into a driveway but man, it was really scary for a moment.  That same spot just had a double fatality a few weeks ago and it was the same thing, losing control on that corner and spinning across into the other lane.  Luckily the people in the other car were ok, we were almost mostly just terrified but thankful that we'd avoided a collision.  (Man, I'm glad I drive slow, if I'd been going the speed limit there's no way I could have made it into that driveway.)

Slick roads aside, we suppose to finally be getting our winter weather.  It's been so easy this year, it's like having a nice, easy Anchorage winter. (Well, minus Anchorage's ice.  And freezing rain.  And wind storms.  But other than that....)  But it's suppose to dip down to possibly -45 below zero and stay there for a few days.  Its been so warm lately that I'm not ready for the cold!  I feel so weak and unprepared, haha, I haven't gotten acclimated to the cold this winter! Anyways, it's a round about way of saying I'm gonna wear my fun stuff before the cold hits.  Romy over at Hippy At Heart has this same kimono but in white - it's one of her signature items!  A seller on ebay was getting rid of a lot of her Winter Kate items and the bidding was really low on quite a few of them, I ended up getting three items for under $70 which is freakishly good!  This kimono was one of them, usually it goes for around $150-ish on ebay so it was quite the good deal and I think it's one of the most flattering kimonos in my collection. It's so pretty!  This was actually a work outfit, I was just dealing with clients today so I got to dress a little cute. (Although I swapped out the boots for inside moccasins.)  I think I've learned not the cuff my jeans though, it looks so great on those 5'11 glamazons, not so much on short me.