Thursday, August 27, 2015

Time Keeps Slippin' Through My Fingers, But I Can't Think About That Now

Urban Outfitters Hat
Leather Jacket (thrifted)
H&M Dress c/o H&M (old)
Free People Belt and Clogs
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)

This was an outfit I wore to a "Tea Party" Baby shower a few weeks ago. (No, not the political Tea Party - that would have been an entirely different outfit there!) I wore a small black hat rather than my fedora but the black hat kept falling off.  I probably should have used some hat pins to keep it on but.....I have no hat pins. 

After that exciting revelation (what will next week bring?  She likes fringe bags? *gasp!*)  I don't really have a follow up.  It was a fun party and fun to have something to actually dress up for and I made cupcakes for the party the night before so really, it was a win-win.  The baby shower was really cute and it was fun to have an excuse to buy baby clothes again - they're just so tiny!  It was for one of my brother's and his gf so everyone's really looking forward to the new nephew and we're all excited for them and to meet the little boy in a few months.   

I've been trying to be careful about talking too much about friends and family here because I don't want to be rude and put out stuff about people if they don't want to have a internet presence so I apologize for how boring and stilted I've been lately.  I haven't really figured out how to balance that and it's really left me feeling like I don't know how to approach posts right now.   I'll try to get better about it and see if I can figure out a good balance.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last Dog Day Of Summer


Silk Scarf worn as a wrap(thrifted)
Forever21 Dress (thrifted)
Old Navy Sandals
Free People Necklace and Bag (gift)

A lot of "fast fashion" worn today. There's a few things I really like about this dress (ok, mostly just the color and chiffon skirt) but the short slip really drives me bonkers. I don't understand why more stores don't do a full lining, I feel like these half slips look really cheap and even though I'm short at 5'2, the slips always feel way too short and like I'm moments away from exposing myself. (Yay for big butts! Sometimes a good thing but when it comes to short slips, not so much.) I'd like to find decent replacement for this dress as the short slip keeps me from  wearing it very often and I want to be at a place where everything in my closet gets lots of wear.  It's not much fun to have something in there if I'm not comfortable wearing it all of the time.
I'm petty happy with these sandals however!  They were a bit of an impulsive buy when the sandals I really wanted sold out but I've gotten quite a bit of wear out of this year.  They're nowhere near as comfy as Birks but I think they're cute looking and I wore them our whole trip down to Anchorage and then to a circus, carnival and a fair so they aren't too bad for walking around.
The temps have dropped quite a bit since I wore this outfit, yesterday morning it was about 40 degrees and while it's a little bit warmer, it's been rainy and windy so I've been wearing jackets and scarves the past few days.  NOT.  READY.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Constantly Consistent


Wool Hat (Bought from Mad Hatter Vendor at Fair a few years ago)
Knitted Scarf (consignment)
Jacket (thrifted - no label)
Old Navy Tee
J.Brand Maria Waxed Jeans (consignment)
Madden Girl Boots

Breaking out some older items today, both these boots and this jacket have been around since near the beginning of the blog and while I don't wear the boots as often, I do still get quite a bit of wear out of this jacket. It's pleather but it's held up really well, so far there's no peeling at the sleeves or cracking - two things that are usually a sign a pleather jacket is getting ready to give up the ghost. Excuse me, I suppose it's not called pleather anymore but "vegan" which is a pretty clever little bit of marketing, everyone hate pleather, even the name sounds awful. But Vegan, that means you're a good person and that vegan jacket means you care! It will still take 40 bajillion years (an exact number) to decompose in a landfill and it will cost you twice what a gross pleather jacket will but hey, it's "Vegan!"

I have hard feelings about this, obviously.  I do think the vegan movement has good intentions behind it, I just dislike how so many stores have used the label as an excuse to make their products seem nicer and to sell them at a higher price level.   I'm not sure which brand this jacket is from as the label was cut out before I found it at the thrift store but I will say that it's been a good coat. (I am so consistent here, pleather bad but not this coat!  It's a good coat, ok?)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mutant Affair


Free People Hat (gift)
Ecote Kimono
Old Navy Tank and Sandals
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)

I know, breaking out the leather pants! The weather's been a little haywired lately (yeah, welcome to Alaska!) so it's dry and I want to wear sandals but I want my legs's like vests, ok? Winter on your body, summer on your arms!

These are some bizzare flowers behind me, they look just like Dandylions but they're SO tall. It's the first year I've seen them and I couldn't find them in any of my flower books. Even my google fu is failing me when it comes to these mutant dandylions. (I do love that the first thing that pops up for "mutant dandylions" is a TMNT links.)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's All Sunshine And Rainbows

Urban Outfitters Hat
Free People Dress and Bag (gift)
DV Dolce Vita Shoes

This dress is just all sorts of pretty, even if it's a little bit sheerer than I'd thought it was going to be! It has a lot of great movement with the full skirt and while it's yet another dress that apparently they forgot to sew the back on, it's still really nice - the cut out is low enough I can still wear a normal bra. I did cheat with cami bra in this case, those things are awesome and it's seriously nicer than trying to keep a tank top from slipping up around the waist all of the time. (Or at least, I hope I'm not the only person who has that trouble with layering tank tops, it seems like they always ride up around my waist and create an unfortunate bulge.)

Along the line of yesterday and talking about basics, this hat has really become a basic for me. It was fairly cheap for a hat and I'm pretty sure I have the cost per wear down to pennies by this point and for being a cheaper hat, it's done a nice job of keeping it's shape. I did buy this hat in another color around the same time but I've ended up getting far more wear out of the black one. For some reason I have trouble working the tan colored hat into my wardrobe so I'd have to say it was a miss on that one!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Going Down

Forever21 Hat
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Old Navy Coat (few years ago)
Joe Fresh Sweater (thrifted)
James Jeans (thrifted)
Ecote Boots
Madewell Bag (consigment)

I didn't really mean to take a week off and all I have are excuses of being uninspired and being busy. However, I'm sure you didn't come here to hear me complain so take a look at those trees - they're already starting to turn yellow. *Sigh!*

I finally broke out my Ecote boots again, I wore them about into the ground last winter and they still look pretty decent, escpecially for being seude. If these boots were put out in leather, I'd buy another pair of them in a heart beat, even at full price. I usually wait for a sale but when I find something that I really do get a lot of wear out of, I feel like those are worth not waiting for a sale. These have been really comfortable, even for long periods of time and they're just a simple design they work with everything. They're just about a perfect basic.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gone To Seed

Free People Hat
Forever21 Dress (thrifted)
Target Bag
AEO Belt and Sandals

I don't really know what to talk about, I've been feeling like I'm in a slump with blogging lately.  I know no one wants to hear a whine about it so I won't say much - it's not really that I'm unhappy about blogging, I just really don't feel like I have anything to write about and I know it's been showing.   So in an attempt to say something, how about ths hat?  I bought it last winter and didn't wear it very much but now that it's starting to cool down up here, I'm starting to feel like wearing fall colors.  And then I punch myself because you can't waste a single moment of sandal wearing season!  Winter is coming and ten the snow will be here forever and I wish I was exaggerating! (See what I did there?  Turn it from a complain about nothing to write to a complain about winter.  I am nothing if not predictable.)
I am really happy about this dress, this will be my third winter wearing it and for a thrifted F21 dress, that's pretty impressive!  The darn thing's even in good condition, it's really one of my few dresses I don't baby in the wash (I wash it on hot and then toss it in the dryer  it's crazy business!) and the material still hasn't pilled, gotten a tear or a run - even the seams are still in good condition.