Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Coastal Weather

Urban Outfitters Hat

Free People Poncho
Winter Kate Blouse (ebay)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Sam Edelman Boots (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Bag
Vintage Rings and Bracelets - a mixture of gifts and lucky finds

I've been getting quite a bit of wear out of these pants lately, summer in the Interior usually isn't that pleasant for wearing leather pants - no thanks in 70-90 degree temps! But during the fall and apparently what is now winter, they're pretty awesome and fairly warm. I suppose colorful skinnies are so 2011-2012 now but I've almost always had a pair of red leather pants in my wardrobe and while my last ones were very shiny bellbottoms, I think these are a little more wearable with the skinny leg. Pants styles cycle in and out and while the straight leg and flairs are coming back, I don't think skinny leg jeans will ever go completely out of style. For people living in climates that get quite a bit of snow/rain, it's nice to have pants that tuck into your boots and not have the hems get wet. (Yeah, remember trying to tuck your bellbottoms into riding boots? I use to have to wrap my jeans around my legs just to zip my riding chaps and man, I will never go back to riding in boot cuts after this, skinnies are too easy!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tada - Magic!


Forever21 Hat
Love Culture Jacket (thrifted)
Free People Dress and clogs (ebay)
AE Belt
Target Bag

Okay, it's not magic, these pictures are from a few weeks ago, before all of the leaves fell off the trees and uh, before that strange white stuff arrived. I'm not crazy enough to want to wear sandals in the snow!

I guess I got a little more wear out of these clogs so I suppose the love affair isn't dead yet, it's more of a low simmer. I wore them a ton this summer and while I do still like them, it will be nice to put them away for the winter and come back to them in another 8 months or so. *sob* I love this dress and have ever since I saw it first pop up but it's SOOO long! On the model it's a few inches above her ankle but on me, there's still a good three inches of fabric even with 4 inch heels on. I'm positive the she's is a giant, even by model standards. Thus, I had to tie up the side to make the dress walkable with the lower heels.  It sorts works but I think I might just have to hem it so it's not so much work to walk in it. (Haha, I'm sure that will happen sometime in the next 2 years, I'm about as slow as they come when it comes to getting around to hemming.)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Leave Our Christmas Lights Up All Year Round

Urban Outfitters Hat
American Eagle Poncho and Bag
Leather Jacket (thrifted- no label)
Old Navy Cardigan (about 6 years old at this point, Old Navy use to have the best cardigans)
Free People Dress (consignment)
Faux Suede Boots (thrifted)
Scarf (gift)

I wore this outfit last Tuesday at the beginning of the winter storm that dumped over a foot of snow on the Fairbanks area. The snow was heavy enough that with mixed with a little wind the power ended up being knocked out for over 20,000 people.  The power stayed out for the next few days (with it still being out for people up in the hills) but we have a wood stove and were fairly prepared for the blackout. I grew up outside of Seward right in between two avalanche zones and we'd get cut off from Seward and Anchorage for about two weeks out of the year and power outages were extremely frequent during the winter. We just got pretty use to having the generator ready to go, lamps and flashes lights ready and lots of wood for the stove and it's hard to break out of those habits - even if avalanches really aren't a problem in flat Fairbanks!

Again With the Fringe

Free People Hat, Bag (ebay) and Clogs (ebay)
Fringe Jacket (thrifted)
Winter Kate Top (ebay)
Current/Elliot Leather Pants (ebay)

I don't usually do the long-shirt-over-pants thing because I'm always worried it will make me look shorter and it always feels a little sloppy on me. But I really liked this, it felt pretty comfy and I think having a cropped jacket to throw on over the long shirt evened up the proportions a little bit. Plus, tall heels!

We did have a ton of snow, over a foot and a half but it's been raining the past few days and well, it's disappearing pretty quick. We really thought this was going to be the start of the snow pack for the winter but the extended forecast shows fairly warm temps for us all the way into November. I'll take that, as long as we don't get hit with -40 right away.  Without a snowpack to insulate the ground, the cold would be murder on everyone's water pipes!

This Isn't A Very Good Now And Then

Urban Outfitters Hat / Scarf(gift) /  H&M Dress (ebay) / Boots (thifted) / Anthropologie Bag (gift)

Like the title says, this isn't a very good now and then outfit.  The space in-between these outfits is about two weeks and despite the snow, it was actually about the same temp.  If I was smart, I'd be showing you how to winterize a dress which to an Alaskan mind, makes you think you need to plug a trickle charger into it and install an oil pan. (Hah, car joke!  Is not that funny!)  Maybe next time I'll be smart and throw a sweater over it but I like the vibe of these outfits.

Forever21 Hat / Winter Kate Vest (ebay) H&M Dress (ebay) and Belt (consignment) / Free People Bag (gift) and Slip / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Muskrat Love

Urban Outfitters Hat
Old Navy Scarf
Anthropologie Cardigan (consignment)
Coldwater Creek Silk Tee (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Ugg Boots (thrifted)
American Eagle outfitters Bag

So much snow! It does make everything look rather pretty, it was starting to look pretty muddy and dead around here with all of the rain we've been getting. The ponds rose so high just in the past few days, almost a foot! Not as bad as the summer of 2014 when they flooded out our entire road and the water was to the house but still, unusually high. And in a totally unrelated note, some readers might remember me talking about the muskrats that were living in the pond last summer. Well, we'd thought they'd moved on this past summer after not seeing them at all until a few nights ago when I was out taking pictures late. I wanted a shot of the moon and was standing on the bank near the culvert when one of the muskrats popped out of it just inches away from my foot! I as happy to see he was still around, I'd kind of missed seeing them. They look just like really like voles - about the size of a cat and we'd see them quite a bit next to our deck last summer, they were really fun to watch shuffling around. I really enjoy all of the wildlife we get out here, there's a few foxes that pass through, about a million moose who eat all of my raspberry bushes, rabbits, owls, sooooo many Labs and weasels. You might remember me being a dork about moving the dog house and finding the baby weasels under it, I'd made Evan put the house back because I felt so bad about exposing them and there's no point to killing something just because. Well, when we were working on the wood pile a few weeks ago we'd stop to take a break and we saw one of the weasels! He was moving around the wood pile and even with us moving around and talking he was very active and unafraid of us, he'd come right up to me and just stare. Ugh, he was about the cutest. If it'd been a Disney movie, he would have been totally thanking me for saving his family and would have ridden around on my shoulder. (See, I'm a dork. He probably just wanted to see what we were up to and wanted to steal our sandwiches.) It was fun to watch him though and I've seen him running around a few time since. Hopefully he won't become a pest but we keep our garbage up so there's not anything he can really get into.

Anyways, I've just wasted a good five minutes of your morning talking about nothing style related so um, I liked this outfit. As much as I don't like the -50 below zero, I do think this is a sweet spot for dressing right now. I like layers and I think I'm better at this "fall-ish" dressing than dressing for the summer heat, layers give you a lot more freedom in creating an interesting outfit.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Woolrich Parka (thrifted)
Elizabeth and James Sweater (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Uggs (thrifted)
Free People Bag (ebay)

What is this? Snow pack is September?

Yeah, while people in the lower 48 states are dealing with 90 degree temps, we got our first snow of the season last Friday and it hit hard! Seven and a half inches apparently and while the rain that came over the weekend melted most of it off, the Interior got hit with a storm on Tuesday and over a foot of snow later, our snow pack is here until May. *sigh*  he first snowfall of the season is always really pretty looking, the trees look like a Christmas card with their snow laden branches (so ready to drop across the power lines!) and the ponds start to ice over.

The said storm caused school to be canceled for the Fairbanks borough and the kids had a entire day off to play in the snow. My brother and his girlfriend who are also building their house right next door came over with the four wheelers and took Izzy and Gunnar for a sled right up and down the property. Haha, the kids had so much fun and they only got dump out of the sled a few times - a pretty good improvement from the last time Uncle Jared took them for a ride! Miss Morgan is definitely the better driver. The kids are so lucky that so many of their uncles and aunts live nearby, they get to have so much fun and all of my brothers and their gfs are really awesome and sweet with kids so they have lots of loving family.

I really liked this outfit, I wore it last Friday to meet up with the lovely Louisa and dude, I'm pretty sure I've said awful things about Uggs in the past but I take them all back now. Every single word because these are best boots ever.   As a funny story, I'd actually looked at these very boots about 5 years ago and at the time, the retail price was far too much to spend so I just stared at the in the store every time we passed by. i really liked the clog sole and how the boots could either be worn up or rolled down (like here) and I just thought there were that odd thing that is winter cute. Well, this past month I found these at Value Village with very little wear and yay, mine! They are so, so soft on the inside and even though I sound like a horse clopping around in them, I really love them. I've been wearing them in the snow and they do great in it, they seem to really repel the snow and don't get wet. I still need a new pair of Boggs boots because mine are pretty shot after almost 8 years of hard wear but I was happy to find a new pair of nicer winter boots for really cheap.